Trejos Beans and Rogue Laser Scenes


Where caffeinated creativity meets laser-focused ingenuity

Join hosts Holly McCaig and Amy Kant as they blend together the perfect brew of coffee culture and laser business adventures.

In this episode, Holly and Amy take a sip of Trejos House Blend, diving into its rich flavors while exploring the depths of their laser businesses. Joined by special guest Paul Ridenour, Amy’s husband and fellow partner at Sconnie Squirrel, the trio embarks on a journey through the wild and wacky world of laser craftsmanship.

From impromptu cooling system hacks to constructing a tiny laser sanctuary in the confines of a garage, Holly, Amy, and Paul spill the beans on their most outrageous laser escapades. Prepare for a blend of laughter, puns, and coffee-fueled creativity as they share tales from the frontlines of their laser businesses.

So grab your favorite mug, pour yourself a cup of inspiration, and join us for “Lattes and Lasers,” where every episode is a stimulating blend of innovation and caffeinated camaraderie!

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