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Brewing Success: Unveiling the Secrets of SEO for Online Sellers

In this episode of “Lattes and Lasers,” hosts Holly McCaig and Amy Kant dive into the world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and its crucial role in elevating online businesses. From seasoned sellers to novices, understanding SEO is paramount in navigating the competitive online marketplace.

Join Holly and Amy as they unravel the mysteries of SEO, offering insights into common mistakes that many sellers make, such as using irrelevant keywords that don’t align with their products. Through witty banter and relatable anecdotes, they shed light on the importance of using relevant keywords to enhance visibility and drive sales.

Explore practical strategies for finding these vital keywords, discussing the efficacy of third-party tools like ERank, Alura, and Insight Factory. By leveraging these tools, sellers can gain valuable insights into market trends and consumer behavior, empowering them to optimize their listings effectively.

Additionally, Holly and Amy highlight the transformative potential of platforms like Everbee, which identify market gaps and underserved niches, inspiring sellers to develop unique products tailored to customer needs. By embracing innovation and creativity, sellers can enhance their shop’s visibility and drive sales in today’s competitive landscape.

Tune in to “Lattes and Lasers” for an engaging discussion on SEO, coffee-fueled creativity, and the art of building a successful online business. Whether you’re a coffee connoisseur or a laser enthusiast, this episode offers valuable insights to fuel your entrepreneurial journey.

What we’re drinking this week

Bulletproof’s The High Achiever, a medium-dark roast that “gives you the energy, focus and brain power to conquer your to-do list.”


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