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Sales Is Not A Dirty Word

Join us for an episode that shatters the misconceptions surrounding sales, revealing its true essence as a journey of connection and meaningful experiences. Our guest, Lisa Proeber, founder of The Middle Six, brings over two decades of experience to the table as she challenges the outdated notion of sales being a...

Maker Gains With AI

Welcome to "Lattes and Lasers," where creativity meets innovation! In this episode, hosts Holly McCaig and Amy Kant are diving into the intersection of technology, creativity, and the human experience. In this episode, titled "Maker Gains with AI," Holly and Amy are joined by first responder and AI student Jake...

Rank and Bank

Brewing Success: Unveiling the Secrets of SEO for Online Sellers In this episode of "Lattes and Lasers," hosts Holly McCaig and Amy Kant dive into the world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and its crucial role in elevating online businesses. From seasoned sellers to novices, understanding SEO is paramount in...

Engrave and Save: Exploring Risky Trends

In this episode of "Lattes and Lasers," we explore the world of laser maker trends. From personalized keychains to intricate cutting boards, the industry offers a plethora of opportunities and challenges. Discover the benefits of embracing trends, from increased visibility to expanded market reach, while acknowledging the risks of following...

Crafting Clicks and Capturing Leads

Building your digital presence In this episode of Lattes and Lasers, hosts Holly McCaig and Amy Kant dive into the essential yet often overlooked world of crafting a robust web presence. But first, they indulge in the delightful Bones Coffee's Cookies and Dreams roast, a heavenly blend that transports you...

Trejos Beans and Rogue Laser Scenes

Where caffeinated creativity meets laser-focused ingenuity Join hosts Holly McCaig and Amy Kant as they blend together the perfect brew of coffee culture and laser business adventures. In this episode, Holly and Amy take a sip of Trejos House Blend, diving into its rich flavors while exploring the depths of...

Chilled Brews, Trademark Tales, and Etsy Escapades

From Laser Beams to Copyright Nightmares: Navigating the Maker Industry Jungle Grab your aprons and your caffeinated concoctions, because it's time for another episode of Lattes and Lasers with your favorite makers, Holly and Amy! Today, we're diving deep into the thrilling world of laser cutting, fueled by our slightly...

Holler Brew, Biz Blues and Product News

This week, hosts Holly McCaig and Amy Kant are brewing up some magic with Stumptown's Holler Mountain coffee while serving up a steaming cup of candid conversation about the realities of being a small business owner. Entrepreneurship is a journey filled with highs and lows, and in this episode, we...
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Brews by Goats & Reviews from Etsy Folks

In this energizing episode of "Lattes and Lasers," hosts Holly and Amy immerse themselves in their coffee cups, unveiling the amusing tales behind the brews they're enjoying. Staying true to their commitment to showcase coffees with quirky names, compelling stories, or admirable causes, the hosts shine a spotlight on "Three...

Raccoon Milk, Margaritas and Facebook Groups

Join Holly McCaig and Amy Kant on the premiere episode of Lattes and Lasers, the podcast where creativity meets technology. In this episode, we dive into the creation of the podcast, sharing our personal maker journeys that led us to where we are today. The conversation takes an intriguing turn...

Introducing Lattes and Lasers

Welcome to Lattes and Lasers, the podcast where creativity meets technology, hosted by Holly McCaig and Amy Kant. Join us on a journey fueled by lattes and powered by lasers as we delve into the fascinating world of making. Here's a little teaser of what you can expect when Lattes...

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