Brews by Goats & Reviews from Etsy Folks

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In this energizing episode of “Lattes and Lasers,” hosts Holly and Amy immerse themselves in their coffee cups, unveiling the amusing tales behind the brews they’re enjoying. Staying true to their commitment to showcase coffees with quirky names, compelling stories, or admirable causes, the hosts shine a spotlight on “Three Peckered Billy Goat,” a bold dark roast from Ravens Brew Coffee. The comical packaging and the clever slogan, “Sup from the cup that keeps you up,” infuse the podcast with a delightful and playful coffee-centric atmosphere.

Shifting gears from coffee to the realm of customer relations, Holly and Amy spill the beans on their encounters with reviews and engagements on platforms like Etsy and Facebook. They playfully entertain the idea of transforming peculiar customer experiences into a recurring series. The hosts delve into the world of odd customer comments, requests, and exchanges they navigate as laser business owners, assuring listeners that they won’t divulge details that could identify specific individuals.

Acknowledging the bittersweet relationship with Etsy and its associated fees, Holly and Amy express gratitude for the platform’s role in exposing their businesses to a broader audience. Despite the challenges, they highlight Etsy’s positive impact on connecting with diverse customers, even if recent features may not perfectly align with their preferences.

Join Holly and Amy on this caffeinated journey as they blend tales of goat brews with anecdotes from the world of Etsy reviews.

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